Friday, June 1, 2007

One good thing happened on Thursday as Morpheuz traveled into the Steamvaults and picked up his second key frag. I had to leave the group as my wife was coming home and if you haven't heard she hates this game. I was told that this instance should really only take an hour but we were already 1.25 hours in and we just downed the first boss. The wife has a plan to attend a retirement party tonight and I have about 50g to make up to get my flying mount to attempt Alcatraz. I will have to take a look at my quest log tonight and determine where the best spot may be to wrap up on a few quests. My quest log is pretty full but I think that is due to the dungeon related quests I haven't completed. I may go back to Oldhillsbrad to finish that piece up for my alcatraz key.
I am also considering just farming mats to get my blacksmith skill up to make the felsteel helm. I've been holding this plan for awhile so it would be cool to finally be able to make one.
I am a little disappointed if it hold true that I will have to have a level 300 riding skill for the netherdrake flying mount quest. Oh well. I quess I will have to wait and see on this.

Not much here neither, I worked a little over half an hour to get her tailoring up to lvl 235. I didn't pay this much attention but I picked up some extra gear from the blackmagewave set. I am suffering a bit of altism lately as I find things I like about the many classes I am rolling now. I will probable use Morpheuz to farm the mageweave cloth due to its high AH cost.
I will attempt to but a portal to shatt to get the master jewelcrafting skill and find a few emeralds to help. Morpheuz will probably have to take on this task as well. I belive the emerald are farmed from Thorium and the aggro radius is smaller for him. I will probable pick up a lot of worthless Timbermaw reb with this grind.
His herbalism skill is pretty low. I may have to return the guy to darkshore. Why darkshore. I enjoy the dings and they took to long when I was in Redridge mountain.
well, That's the plan for the weekend. Hopefully, I can get a great deal of it knocked out tonight. I noticed that my interest is decreasing each day as I hit more of my smaller goals. I have quite a few keys on my belt for when the time arrived for me to venture into these areas.

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