Friday, April 27, 2007

Off Topic -Things that bug me

I notice quite a few things get under my skin and just felt the need to list them

1.) Guys who fart at the uninal. For some odd reason I fell I need to be warmed up first. Say hello first.
2.) People who do there regular shopping in the self check out lanes.
3.) Slow readers in the self check out lane.
4.) Those who like to back into parking spot. Seem like this takes longer than backing out basically because you have to judge the distance to the car around you.
5.) Cell phones to an extent. Maybe I'm too often in a hurry but a lot of cell phone users get in my way. Can you at least drive the speed limit? And what's up with the 10 car gap.
6.) The warrior statements I hate - "Why use a shield, I can dps with this huge 2 hander.", "Sunder Armor? You talking to me? That doesn't do any damge!", "Demo Shout, Sunder? I haven't trained in that yet."

Nothing new

I work early to get a little time in on Morpheus and to make sure the things in my mailbox was not in danger of expiring. I only have 3 quests for Terokkar Forest at this time. I actually read on which require me to put an banner through a group of Orges who hang out in the south eastern part of the map. Everything we fine as they are two levels below me. Mowed down approximately 5 of these guys before I noticed I did not have any food. No cheese or ribs. Not a big deal but required me to use the regular bandages I had on hand.

A stroke of luck happen when I noticed on the crates were clickable. This will satisfy one other quest I have in my logs. I completed them both and headed back to the end, I still haven't seen the end of my rested indicator. It would be cool if this took me into 70. I also noticed I had 200g in my bag from questing. Cool.

Plan for tonight:
1.) For crusader enchant for gold
2.) Farm thorium to assist shaman with leveling jewelcrafting
3.) Decide which zone to head to next. Blade's Edge is pretty close to my current level but I tend to lean toward quest that are at least a level above. Not sure if it's worth my time.
4.) I have a lot of green quests from old zone. Not sure where I want to go with these.
5.) Turn is all rep related items.

These should be fairly simply decisions. Should all be taken care of in a short matter of time.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Morph moves to Blade's Edge

As the title says Morpheus made his way to Blade's Edge last night. It wasn't much of a move. In the earlier runs in Zangamarsh I happen to get curious and explore on of the heading in that direction. Something went wrong with the spiders in the cave and I died. Reappearing in a village in Blade's edge. I use the "angel" to bring me back to life and pickup the flight plan. I went back to Zangamarsh and my first return was last night. The place isn't great on the eyes campared to the forest I just left. I'm trying to decide if I want to returnTerokkar Forest. I have quite a few quests remaining in that zone but they are all green now. What I'm afraid of is getting to a point were I'm suppose to making gold and I'm still gaining experience. I want to gain as much gold toward a flying mount I can.

I've been thinking of my adventures lately. I tend to just load my quest log up got to Allakhazam and determine the best route possible to get them done. Assuming if I stay on the same level, turn them in, the experience reward will be the same.

My adventures last night mostly consisted on finding and completing the quest line that ends with killing the hound master. Which I heard has a really nice quest reward. Didn't quite know where to start as a mob outside on the town drops the quest. You would think the quest line would get harder the further it I went into it. The hardest part was summoning this chick who hits extremely hard. I had a little assistance from a hunter in the area and turns out he was slightly behind me in the quest line. She smack the life out of me at least twice before we got er down. WoW life is good at this point. We return to town to turn in the request and had one of the locals straighten out all the dent I received.

The second little mini boss was no problem. There is a group of three blade carrying demons that chase you to know end so be warned that you can outrun them but there like Jason from Friday the 13th. They eventuallu caught up to you.

Prior to heading to the quest master, a druid gives you a swig to summon some of his tree buddies. This made the task extremely easy in defeating the hound master. We raced back to only get beat down again by the roaming mob. Well, I received most of the beating as it was 7 against 3(pet included). I died. He finished of the last two. We turned it in and it was 12:30 am for me. Since I had to be up at 5:30 for work, I thought it was a good time to hit the hay.

I finished the night with about 600k experience. I believe the goal is 753 for this level. Hoping to ding tonight but can't make up my mind if I would like to instance for blues. Guess I will plan that out later in the day.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Recent Event

Morpheus made a little bit more progress to 69 yesterday as the experience bar show approximately 420k of 756k. My evening was mostly spent trying to get a few group guest ou t of my log witch were the ending to a number of mastery quests located in the northeastern corner of Nagrand. The earlier versions send you on kill quests to kill 30 of everything. By everything, I mean there a quest for birds, bulls, and bucks. I need to take better notes. Any notes would help. I completed 4 of these quests in less than 2 hours. Could have been less. All with the help of a lvl 69 hunter. I also had the opportunity to complete the Corki quest line which resulted in a nice blue ring which gave me slightly better stats than the green one that preciously occupied the slot.

Having a bit of trouble with the Titan Mod. I am unable to use sharpening stone or runes at the moment. The error message refers to Stance portion of the mod. Oh well. It's not causing me any issues but would love to see what these two things add to my stats.

On the Morpheusalt front, things have come to a standstill to some degree. My jewelcrafting is stuck at 239 and the mats for that one point is ridiculous. So I will have to wait it out. No true objective with this toon at the moment. I did spend a little time grinding but I think I will go back to questing when I'm up for it. I made my way to Un'Goro to pick up the flightplan along with my new mentee Rorax. I found out he was new and took it upon myself to show him the ropes and let him know how to get the good gear. I think my first dungeon was BFD which is a little late in my opinion to find that out. Westfalls, huh....never heard of the place.

The thing that eludes me the most are the quest line that lead you into the dungeons. And later on the questline that attune you for MC. I don't think I really had the time to do the different quests that took me there.

Niobey, 41 priest, is hanging out in IF selling the stuff I send her. I like the whole shadow priest thing. I just don't have the time to manage all the alts.

That's the update of the day. I will try to find out more on putting pictures and actual quests with rewards into my blog to make things more attractive to me and other who may make a wrong turn and stumble upon this blog on the information highway.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Whats New...

Last week was pretty blah due to my wife being home from school/work due to our germ carrying rug rats. She's not a big fan of gaming as it has always been a part of me.

Moving on....

I got some decent time in on Friday as my wife went to a hair appointment. I find my quest log to be full as I just grab every ! in sight without even reading it. This will allow me to get a occasional kill in while running around that suddenly alerts me that its part of a quest. I can stop, performed the kills and continue to where I was heading. My warrior is currently hanging out in ?????. (I forgot the name but seems to be a pretty nice green wooded area. Open fields. There are quite a few elites here with related group quests that make it irrating. Combine that with the kill quests and I can pull my teeth out. Morpheus dinged 68 this week and it deflated me to some degree watching the experience bar reset. What I do like to some degree is the commanding shout warriors pick up at this level. It give a warrior a 2 minute health boost which is nice but can't be used with battle shout. Hard to determine which is best. More power to hit resulting in faster kills, or lasting power possible prolonging the fight. Only time will tell here, I will try to complete more group quests this evening. I have quite a few across two zones. Need to make a choice to complete or dump. My blacksmithing skill has also taken a back seat lately. The ore can be picked up pretty fast but there is no easy place to get to that I can mine over and over. There is always a fight. I just want the ore.

My goal for the week is to concentrate on questing to get to 69. I have a trick related to a enchant recipe that sells for or use to sell for 120g. I've been undercutting everyone and selling for 90. Occasionally I get the itch to do some farming because I know it will be time to get my flying mount soon. That's all for now. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Gaming Related High Blood Pressure

I got into a weird funk last night as 8:00 rolled around and my wife didn't have class. Was I glad she was home. Sure but I felt a little sadden by the fact I couldn't get any real WoW playing time in. I played in my main toon for a little bit to try and get a toon to lvl 70. You tend to need a littel sugar daddy for the low level toons to make life easier.

I have noticed that WoW takes a lot out of me. I spend quite a bit of time thinging about it from sun up to sun down. Everything from professions to classes. What to sell for gold. How to level faster? Do I have time for raids? If I wake up at 5:00am I will have a little time to get some mining in before everyone else logs on?

All of this drives me crazy. And I'm in love with it. If it wasn't for the firewall at work, I would probably be cruising the game sites right now reading a stategy guide to the next dungeon I plan to run.

How bad does this game affected your life?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Morpheus Hets an epic mount

It's been a long time coming but Morpheuz has finally gotten his epic mount. I am quite proud of the accomplishment since I originally saw no reason to spend 530g for the extra 40% speed. I must say I was wrong. In the 2 min it took me to ride to the portal in Darnassus, I was impressed. This was all due to a little farming for an enchant recipe that use to run for 150g. I quess I killed the market by selling it for as low as 80g. The true reason I bought it was only because it had to happen in order to get the training required to ride a flying mount which is level 225.

Otherwise, progress is good with one toon or another. This morning I did a little gringing in WPL on the undead in the graveyard. Morpheusalt (Shaman) is 50% into level 51. Could prob gring out the rest tomorrow morning.

My focus has been on Morpheuz lately as all the shiny gear is hurting my eyes and I must have it. So I will continue to play this toom when I have the most time. He sits at level 66 for now. I am trying for the one hand blue sword from the Mana Tomb. I lost need roll to a hunter. There has been 2 runs since and neither group was able to get back to this particular boss. Which I believe to be the second.

That's all for now. My wife really dictates how much I play. So I will have to come up with a strategy to allow me more extended times to play.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Ding, 51!

Just dinged 51 with Morpheus alt will grinding slightly on the undead in the Eastern Plagueland. This progress is primarily due to a successful fun in the Sunken Temple. It took all of 3 hours to complete and I have to admit I was sweating the entire time.

The night started with me checking the AH to see if the 2 crusader enchants sold for Niobey. Turned out both sold for a starting bid of 95g each. This was cool as she now sits in IF with 358g in her bag. I think I will plan to do more farming for these since every possible person capable of doing it is in the Outlands. I logged out of Niobey after the good news.

I logged into Morpheuzalt and headed to the Eastern Plagueland to do a little grinding in hopes of getting to 51 as I sit at 5 3/4 of the way. I also signed up for the Sunken Temple. Shortly afterward, no more than 10 kills in, I get a tell for a group which need a healer. For me, I don't really understand this concept or thinking pattern. Even though I can heal, my best stuff is in my melee action with a little elemental for fast disposal of the threat. But I accepted. Good thing to because we had a level 66 night elf hunter in the group. Should be good stuff. Right?

The group was already inside and need to leave the instance in order to summon me. That took all of 20 min because Im assuming they had to fight there way out and a few deaths happen. The lvl 66 hunter was down to 2% but didnt die. Things are going fairly smooth as the hunter was basically running into the middle and taking aggro. I could wait until he was down to 80% before I even start a cast. He got there attention so much the mod hardly approached me. If so, I just threw out a totem to get there attention. We killed the six trolls with no problem.

One problem plaque use during the middle of the fight. After the trolls we're dead. We somehow decided we should jump off the ledge into the room full of elites and dragonkin. This was a stupid move and I felt the stupidity senses tingling before it started. But off we go, the lvl66 hunter jumps first. Cool, no one moved. Off the lvl51 Palli goes. The mob swarms end. I jump down to assist. We put forth a great effort but died. The hunter did a fiend death and avoided death. The remaining group consisted of another hunter who was level 47, and a lvl 52 warrior. For some odd reason, the warrior decides to leave. Moments later we found another warrior at lvl 52. This guy come to the instance with a huge 2 hander. Whats interesting to me from my tainted eyes is that once a warrior gets past SM, a shield is required. And from many of the instances Ive run, Sunder Armor is a fairy tale. In one run, this warrior informed me he didnt even train for this ability. Hah!!

To back up a little, the lvl 47 hunter is the cheerleader of the group. "Charge", "Let's go take down the boss", "Good job mean". The whole time this guy is fighting without a pet and dishing out damage with a skinning knife. I informed the group that this jerk is just standing around to receive a big "So!" from the lvl66. Realizing he is making life a lot easy, I stick my foot in my mouth and just shut it. I concluded they must have been related. We took out the two trolls bosses and downed the dragon.

That was a bit weird as a mob came from no where and took out everyone. Somehow the hunter got a good shot on the dragon and he went down. I die and the open to reencarnate appears. We were saved! The mob walks away. As soon as my arrow was over the button to reencarnate, the mob sprints back in. Close! They hang around a bit. We waited them out. I rezzed. We looted.

All in all, I complete a quest for a blue helm from a hinterland quest. No good drops though. I ended the night 3k from 61. We

Monday, April 2, 2007


I recently discovered an interesting World of Warcraft related blog that I came across basically due to the firewall my job has in place. I quickly developed and interest in creating a blog of my own basically as a good way to get out thought I have on the game. I won't profess to being a qritter and my southern upbringing may cause me to put things into text that I shouldn't but here goes.

About me. I picked up WoW in March 2006. Out of all the games, I have not played another games since. I currently reside on the Duskwood Server.

My current character's are:

Morpheuz - Level 65 Night Elf Warrior
Niobey - Level 41 Night Elf Priest
Morpheusalt - Level 50 Dranai Shaman
Saintnic - Level 12 Mage
Merovengian - Level 17 Rogue

I primary restrict my play to 2 character - Morpheus and Morpheusalt. I would like to get the shaman level up just in case my quild (Trinity) would like one for raiding. I remember the day a poison cleansing totem could have been used on the spider boss in ZG.

My warrior has kind of taken a leave of absense. I like the beauty of the outlands but hate the fact that somehow I feel less powerful and only able to take on 2 adds at the most but I believe this is due to my own playing style as a fury warrior. The second reason for not playing is due to the fact that I like blue items. I've been one of the lucky few to have some decent PUG groups. My frustration lies in the fact that a lot of people have given up on the new LFG interface and grouping has been few and far in between. I like the fact that I no longer have to stand in a capital city and spam the LFG channel. I cant remember if it was global or not. But I think the same concept is there. If you are casually looking for a group, make your instance selections and just wait for recruiting. But if everyone is looking to be picked no one will do the picking. I am having better success in finding groups for pre-60 related dungeons.

That's my 2 cents for now. I will attempt to get a PUG today for the Sunken Temple but will put about a half hour on the warrior. I really have to many irons in the fire at the moment.

Get one handed swords from the Mana Tombs for Morpheus
Use morpheuz to mine for thorium for Morpheuzalt for jewelcrafting

This past Friday, I farmed too Crusader formula and hoping the sell for 120g. Which is 30 below the going rate. Trying to get an epic land mount since I can't skip it for a flying one. Hope you like and I'm open to suggestion if you wish to talk on certain topic.