Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Recent Event

Morpheus made a little bit more progress to 69 yesterday as the experience bar show approximately 420k of 756k. My evening was mostly spent trying to get a few group guest ou t of my log witch were the ending to a number of mastery quests located in the northeastern corner of Nagrand. The earlier versions send you on kill quests to kill 30 of everything. By everything, I mean there a quest for birds, bulls, and bucks. I need to take better notes. Any notes would help. I completed 4 of these quests in less than 2 hours. Could have been less. All with the help of a lvl 69 hunter. I also had the opportunity to complete the Corki quest line which resulted in a nice blue ring which gave me slightly better stats than the green one that preciously occupied the slot.

Having a bit of trouble with the Titan Mod. I am unable to use sharpening stone or runes at the moment. The error message refers to Stance portion of the mod. Oh well. It's not causing me any issues but would love to see what these two things add to my stats.

On the Morpheusalt front, things have come to a standstill to some degree. My jewelcrafting is stuck at 239 and the mats for that one point is ridiculous. So I will have to wait it out. No true objective with this toon at the moment. I did spend a little time grinding but I think I will go back to questing when I'm up for it. I made my way to Un'Goro to pick up the flightplan along with my new mentee Rorax. I found out he was new and took it upon myself to show him the ropes and let him know how to get the good gear. I think my first dungeon was BFD which is a little late in my opinion to find that out. Westfalls, huh....never heard of the place.

The thing that eludes me the most are the quest line that lead you into the dungeons. And later on the questline that attune you for MC. I don't think I really had the time to do the different quests that took me there.

Niobey, 41 priest, is hanging out in IF selling the stuff I send her. I like the whole shadow priest thing. I just don't have the time to manage all the alts.

That's the update of the day. I will try to find out more on putting pictures and actual quests with rewards into my blog to make things more attractive to me and other who may make a wrong turn and stumble upon this blog on the information highway.