Friday, April 27, 2007

Off Topic -Things that bug me

I notice quite a few things get under my skin and just felt the need to list them

1.) Guys who fart at the uninal. For some odd reason I fell I need to be warmed up first. Say hello first.
2.) People who do there regular shopping in the self check out lanes.
3.) Slow readers in the self check out lane.
4.) Those who like to back into parking spot. Seem like this takes longer than backing out basically because you have to judge the distance to the car around you.
5.) Cell phones to an extent. Maybe I'm too often in a hurry but a lot of cell phone users get in my way. Can you at least drive the speed limit? And what's up with the 10 car gap.
6.) The warrior statements I hate - "Why use a shield, I can dps with this huge 2 hander.", "Sunder Armor? You talking to me? That doesn't do any damge!", "Demo Shout, Sunder? I haven't trained in that yet."