Thursday, April 26, 2007

Morph moves to Blade's Edge

As the title says Morpheus made his way to Blade's Edge last night. It wasn't much of a move. In the earlier runs in Zangamarsh I happen to get curious and explore on of the heading in that direction. Something went wrong with the spiders in the cave and I died. Reappearing in a village in Blade's edge. I use the "angel" to bring me back to life and pickup the flight plan. I went back to Zangamarsh and my first return was last night. The place isn't great on the eyes campared to the forest I just left. I'm trying to decide if I want to returnTerokkar Forest. I have quite a few quests remaining in that zone but they are all green now. What I'm afraid of is getting to a point were I'm suppose to making gold and I'm still gaining experience. I want to gain as much gold toward a flying mount I can.

I've been thinking of my adventures lately. I tend to just load my quest log up got to Allakhazam and determine the best route possible to get them done. Assuming if I stay on the same level, turn them in, the experience reward will be the same.

My adventures last night mostly consisted on finding and completing the quest line that ends with killing the hound master. Which I heard has a really nice quest reward. Didn't quite know where to start as a mob outside on the town drops the quest. You would think the quest line would get harder the further it I went into it. The hardest part was summoning this chick who hits extremely hard. I had a little assistance from a hunter in the area and turns out he was slightly behind me in the quest line. She smack the life out of me at least twice before we got er down. WoW life is good at this point. We return to town to turn in the request and had one of the locals straighten out all the dent I received.

The second little mini boss was no problem. There is a group of three blade carrying demons that chase you to know end so be warned that you can outrun them but there like Jason from Friday the 13th. They eventuallu caught up to you.

Prior to heading to the quest master, a druid gives you a swig to summon some of his tree buddies. This made the task extremely easy in defeating the hound master. We raced back to only get beat down again by the roaming mob. Well, I received most of the beating as it was 7 against 3(pet included). I died. He finished of the last two. We turned it in and it was 12:30 am for me. Since I had to be up at 5:30 for work, I thought it was a good time to hit the hay.

I finished the night with about 600k experience. I believe the goal is 753 for this level. Hoping to ding tonight but can't make up my mind if I would like to instance for blues. Guess I will plan that out later in the day.