Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Morpheus Hets an epic mount

It's been a long time coming but Morpheuz has finally gotten his epic mount. I am quite proud of the accomplishment since I originally saw no reason to spend 530g for the extra 40% speed. I must say I was wrong. In the 2 min it took me to ride to the portal in Darnassus, I was impressed. This was all due to a little farming for an enchant recipe that use to run for 150g. I quess I killed the market by selling it for as low as 80g. The true reason I bought it was only because it had to happen in order to get the training required to ride a flying mount which is level 225.

Otherwise, progress is good with one toon or another. This morning I did a little gringing in WPL on the undead in the graveyard. Morpheusalt (Shaman) is 50% into level 51. Could prob gring out the rest tomorrow morning.

My focus has been on Morpheuz lately as all the shiny gear is hurting my eyes and I must have it. So I will continue to play this toom when I have the most time. He sits at level 66 for now. I am trying for the one hand blue sword from the Mana Tomb. I lost need roll to a hunter. There has been 2 runs since and neither group was able to get back to this particular boss. Which I believe to be the second.

That's all for now. My wife really dictates how much I play. So I will have to come up with a strategy to allow me more extended times to play.

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