Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Gaming Related High Blood Pressure

I got into a weird funk last night as 8:00 rolled around and my wife didn't have class. Was I glad she was home. Sure but I felt a little sadden by the fact I couldn't get any real WoW playing time in. I played in my main toon for a little bit to try and get a toon to lvl 70. You tend to need a littel sugar daddy for the low level toons to make life easier.

I have noticed that WoW takes a lot out of me. I spend quite a bit of time thinging about it from sun up to sun down. Everything from professions to classes. What to sell for gold. How to level faster? Do I have time for raids? If I wake up at 5:00am I will have a little time to get some mining in before everyone else logs on?

All of this drives me crazy. And I'm in love with it. If it wasn't for the firewall at work, I would probably be cruising the game sites right now reading a stategy guide to the next dungeon I plan to run.

How bad does this game affected your life?

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