Friday, April 27, 2007

Nothing new

I work early to get a little time in on Morpheus and to make sure the things in my mailbox was not in danger of expiring. I only have 3 quests for Terokkar Forest at this time. I actually read on which require me to put an banner through a group of Orges who hang out in the south eastern part of the map. Everything we fine as they are two levels below me. Mowed down approximately 5 of these guys before I noticed I did not have any food. No cheese or ribs. Not a big deal but required me to use the regular bandages I had on hand.

A stroke of luck happen when I noticed on the crates were clickable. This will satisfy one other quest I have in my logs. I completed them both and headed back to the end, I still haven't seen the end of my rested indicator. It would be cool if this took me into 70. I also noticed I had 200g in my bag from questing. Cool.

Plan for tonight:
1.) For crusader enchant for gold
2.) Farm thorium to assist shaman with leveling jewelcrafting
3.) Decide which zone to head to next. Blade's Edge is pretty close to my current level but I tend to lean toward quest that are at least a level above. Not sure if it's worth my time.
4.) I have a lot of green quests from old zone. Not sure where I want to go with these.
5.) Turn is all rep related items.

These should be fairly simply decisions. Should all be taken care of in a short matter of time.