Monday, April 2, 2007


I recently discovered an interesting World of Warcraft related blog that I came across basically due to the firewall my job has in place. I quickly developed and interest in creating a blog of my own basically as a good way to get out thought I have on the game. I won't profess to being a qritter and my southern upbringing may cause me to put things into text that I shouldn't but here goes.

About me. I picked up WoW in March 2006. Out of all the games, I have not played another games since. I currently reside on the Duskwood Server.

My current character's are:

Morpheuz - Level 65 Night Elf Warrior
Niobey - Level 41 Night Elf Priest
Morpheusalt - Level 50 Dranai Shaman
Saintnic - Level 12 Mage
Merovengian - Level 17 Rogue

I primary restrict my play to 2 character - Morpheus and Morpheusalt. I would like to get the shaman level up just in case my quild (Trinity) would like one for raiding. I remember the day a poison cleansing totem could have been used on the spider boss in ZG.

My warrior has kind of taken a leave of absense. I like the beauty of the outlands but hate the fact that somehow I feel less powerful and only able to take on 2 adds at the most but I believe this is due to my own playing style as a fury warrior. The second reason for not playing is due to the fact that I like blue items. I've been one of the lucky few to have some decent PUG groups. My frustration lies in the fact that a lot of people have given up on the new LFG interface and grouping has been few and far in between. I like the fact that I no longer have to stand in a capital city and spam the LFG channel. I cant remember if it was global or not. But I think the same concept is there. If you are casually looking for a group, make your instance selections and just wait for recruiting. But if everyone is looking to be picked no one will do the picking. I am having better success in finding groups for pre-60 related dungeons.

That's my 2 cents for now. I will attempt to get a PUG today for the Sunken Temple but will put about a half hour on the warrior. I really have to many irons in the fire at the moment.

Get one handed swords from the Mana Tombs for Morpheus
Use morpheuz to mine for thorium for Morpheuzalt for jewelcrafting

This past Friday, I farmed too Crusader formula and hoping the sell for 120g. Which is 30 below the going rate. Trying to get an epic land mount since I can't skip it for a flying one. Hope you like and I'm open to suggestion if you wish to talk on certain topic.

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