Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Ding, 51!

Just dinged 51 with Morpheus alt will grinding slightly on the undead in the Eastern Plagueland. This progress is primarily due to a successful fun in the Sunken Temple. It took all of 3 hours to complete and I have to admit I was sweating the entire time.

The night started with me checking the AH to see if the 2 crusader enchants sold for Niobey. Turned out both sold for a starting bid of 95g each. This was cool as she now sits in IF with 358g in her bag. I think I will plan to do more farming for these since every possible person capable of doing it is in the Outlands. I logged out of Niobey after the good news.

I logged into Morpheuzalt and headed to the Eastern Plagueland to do a little grinding in hopes of getting to 51 as I sit at 5 3/4 of the way. I also signed up for the Sunken Temple. Shortly afterward, no more than 10 kills in, I get a tell for a group which need a healer. For me, I don't really understand this concept or thinking pattern. Even though I can heal, my best stuff is in my melee action with a little elemental for fast disposal of the threat. But I accepted. Good thing to because we had a level 66 night elf hunter in the group. Should be good stuff. Right?

The group was already inside and need to leave the instance in order to summon me. That took all of 20 min because Im assuming they had to fight there way out and a few deaths happen. The lvl 66 hunter was down to 2% but didnt die. Things are going fairly smooth as the hunter was basically running into the middle and taking aggro. I could wait until he was down to 80% before I even start a cast. He got there attention so much the mod hardly approached me. If so, I just threw out a totem to get there attention. We killed the six trolls with no problem.

One problem plaque use during the middle of the fight. After the trolls we're dead. We somehow decided we should jump off the ledge into the room full of elites and dragonkin. This was a stupid move and I felt the stupidity senses tingling before it started. But off we go, the lvl66 hunter jumps first. Cool, no one moved. Off the lvl51 Palli goes. The mob swarms end. I jump down to assist. We put forth a great effort but died. The hunter did a fiend death and avoided death. The remaining group consisted of another hunter who was level 47, and a lvl 52 warrior. For some odd reason, the warrior decides to leave. Moments later we found another warrior at lvl 52. This guy come to the instance with a huge 2 hander. Whats interesting to me from my tainted eyes is that once a warrior gets past SM, a shield is required. And from many of the instances Ive run, Sunder Armor is a fairy tale. In one run, this warrior informed me he didnt even train for this ability. Hah!!

To back up a little, the lvl 47 hunter is the cheerleader of the group. "Charge", "Let's go take down the boss", "Good job mean". The whole time this guy is fighting without a pet and dishing out damage with a skinning knife. I informed the group that this jerk is just standing around to receive a big "So!" from the lvl66. Realizing he is making life a lot easy, I stick my foot in my mouth and just shut it. I concluded they must have been related. We took out the two trolls bosses and downed the dragon.

That was a bit weird as a mob came from no where and took out everyone. Somehow the hunter got a good shot on the dragon and he went down. I die and the open to reencarnate appears. We were saved! The mob walks away. As soon as my arrow was over the button to reencarnate, the mob sprints back in. Close! They hang around a bit. We waited them out. I rezzed. We looted.

All in all, I complete a quest for a blue helm from a hinterland quest. No good drops though. I ended the night 3k from 61. We

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