Tuesday, May 1, 2007

In real life news, today is my daughter's birthday. She is a brand new 15 year old looking for a license to drive. Gotta hate that. As I know she want to drive my car for practice. Not sure if I advice it but what can I do. It's a part of life I guess.

Morpheuz completed to quests in Shadowmoon yesterday. Nothing bit. One involved spleens from the "lizards" roaming there. Bad thing on this is I started searching for spleens by killing the boars.

The next quest required me to travel to the burning legion camp and disguise myself as a box and overhear a conversation. It kind of funny as one of the legion characters says to his commander "What's up with the box?". I just thought it was cool that somehow I was included in the dialogue.

I awoke this Tuesday Morning with every intent on farming for thorium(for my 52 shaman) and the crusader enchant(for the gold). It appears that there are a few others out there who have the same idea as I do but the price continues to go down as more people get involved. Naturally. The recipe will easily sell for 80-90g. Pre BC, it would go for 120-150g.

Over the weekend, I got plenty of time in on Saintnic. I plan to go deep in the frost tree as I love the snare this guy has. The thing I hate most is getting use to the amount of hits this guy can take. I did countless times. I purchased a few green and use the extra I had on my priest to provide a few enchants to toughen him up and increase his intell. I'm a stud at this point. I would say I'm ready for van cleef but the LFG folks mostly want 19s. I will prob wait till 20 but will call for a little research to make sure I come in at the right level to take advantage of the blues.

I am pretty new to the human race and questing takes a little longer due to the new zones. I'm thinking of running to the other side(night elf side) to hurry things along.

I got a little off track about my intentions this morning, I happen to take a detour to head toward Kara to start the chain for my key. The mob there is undead and level 70. Not to bad. So I will finish the 2 pre-requisite quests there and hopefully complete as much as I can tonight using the XP toward reaching 70. Morpheuz is currently rested through this level so double XP on all kills. No need to log out in an inn anymore. I died at Kara a few time so I thought I would just spend the rest of the day there.