Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What's happening now.

Hey everyone and anyone. I just wanted to drop a quick note to keep a note of where I am Warcraft wise.

Over the weekend, my wife has a couple of nights out with the girls and it turn out to be some decent gaming nights but nothing big from either night. I took the time out to complete a few quests that provided keys. One was the key to Alcatraz and the other was to a level 70 dungeon near Honor Hold. Its been so long that I forgot the main name of this place. The Alcatraz quest line was pretty long in my opinion but not to bad of a journey. The other thing I didn’t mind was the fact that I received over 100g after the night was done. I am 200g away from getting my riding skill for a flying mount. I have already purchased the mount and it sits in my bad for the time being. My bad are also pretty stuffed as I am afraid to sell stuff for fear that I may one day need it.

Somewhere along the way, I picked up blacksmithing plans for a felsteel helm. Which is listed as a good tanking helm for one of the guides I come across. Woot.

I plan to get started on the Netherwing quest line to get the rep started on that and to get a gauge for the amount of effort it will take to get the rep going on that.

On Saturday night, I took a trip to the section of Hellfire for which I was trying to obtain a key. Things we extremely well considering the number of 5 man mobs in this group. I recall a mage, warlock, palli maybe, shaman, and me. The other 4 were in the same guild and I was their puppet. I don’t think I won a roll and the boss drops sucked for me. I didn’t get a chance to finish as my wife hates this game.

SaintNic (Mage)
I managed to get this guy up to level 21. I like the low level just for the sake of dinging and learning new spells. I obtained blink which I love now just for being able to avoid damage. I also moved this guy from Redridge Mountain to Ashenvale. I know the quests very well on that side and since I also gain teleportation. I can easily go back to IF to obtain new skills. I also decided to become an ice mage in order to use the snare effects. I find it pretty cool and will try to get to 30 sometime during the week.

Not sure if I introduced this guy but he just dinged 18 this morning. He is a hunter I created sometime this week who is a nightelf as well. I’m not to interested in the other content of the game due to the amount of time required. I can easily level up with what I know. Things are going pretty well and I swear the hunter class is the easiest to level up. I have put most of my points in aspect of the hawk and improve “Bullseye”.

Nothing new. Still sitting in IF.
Morpheusalt (Shaman)
Still sitting in Tanaris. I should try to level this guy because the jewelcrafting will come in handy. I need to find a guide for that to determine how this things will help my other characters.

I was also promoted in my guild –Trinity. While I am happy with the promotion per se I noted thrilled as I was given the title with the hope of recruiting new members. I have never been big on this because it will primarily call for me to advertise or seek out members. The quild channel is dead. I saw maybe 1-3 people on at a given time.

RL, my wife is out of school for the time being and it is cutting into my WoW time. The kids and lack of evening activities, just leaves me with conversation about what we are not doing, finances, and the lack of. GREAT STUFF! ;-(

We’ll that it for now.