Monday, May 7, 2007

Weekend Fun.

Not much here. Tried a few quests in Redridge that require that I gather pieces of meat for a food recipe reward. Combine that with dragonwelp scales. Questing in the area was difficult as I had to get off the first shot before the dragon in order to win the fight. Turning and running was impossible. Some success as my mage moved up one level to 19.

As stated in a previous writeup, Morpheuz dinged 70 in shadowmoon valley. I picked up two quest from a tower in the center of the map that required me to take on a few orges in search of a couple of items. This was the start of a semi long line of quest that ended with me driving a fel reaver to destroy elementals. It was pretty cool. I had the assistance of a level 70 hunter. We tagged teamed in order to get it done. I died quite a few times as it took me a minute to warm up.

I'm at a place now that I'm not sure what I want to do next. I would like to be the best geared warrior around but my time is limited and that sucks. As I get ready to resume my old tanking duties. I am considering the whole respecc thing at the moment. I need to be able to get rid of the bad guys fairly easy to continue to quest and grind my way to 400 more gold for a flying mount. I will also farm the crusader recipe in the morning as this still goes for about 80g on the AH. Should take about 45 minutes for one to drop.

So as I type this I have come up with the following goals for the week.
1.) Farm crusader enchant for gold.
2.) Get Scryer rep up. Not sure if the other faction is better for tanks with the mixed info I have received.
3.) Find where Felsteel patterns are located.
4.) Get blacksmithing skills up to 375. (currently at 345)

Thanks for reading.