Monday, May 7, 2007

Warriors and Blacksmithing

I am always curious as to why a lot of professions prefere that you take a craft bases on you class. I'm beginning to hate the fact that a lot of information steers a warrior toward blacksmithing. Maybe it just me but I like to do things with very little interaction from other players. Not that I don't like groups, its just soliciting services that I dislike.

I dinged 70 yesterday and was extremely excited and deflated by my new accomplishment. What would be cool if their is a quest that require you to return to your home city and applauded by all the residents. The Dranai have a quest that ends this way but not related to any level.

With 400g, I am here and there about respeccing my warrior protection to prepare for the dungeon runs to come. I ran shadow labs this weekend at level 69. The first boss feared me out of the dungeon into an area that looked like sky and I died immediately. The group thought it was funny. No one ever knew such a thing could happen.. We proceeded to a room where their looked to be a sermon happening. /hunchshoulders. We all died on the first pull and I was blamed. I can't say I blamed them due to my tunnel vision during this time. A druid was our healer and I completely ignored the fact he was being attached until he was near death. I also forgot I still had on googles from Shadowmoon and the fact I had a healstone that went unused. I have not run a dungeon in a while so I was a bit rusty and nervous.

Back to the issue, enchanting or alchemy seems to be a better choice for a warrior. Why isnt this done more often. Blacksmithing used to be a big investment of time with the mithril order quests and thorium related quests from Gatzen. Honestly, they both require a large amount of ore which is best farmed in area you are two low to far. And we all know that crafted items sell for less than the materials to make them

With the BC expansion, I realize there is better items out there. I have constructed a new chestplate but did not socket any gems. The expansion armor is yet to be determined. I will continue to level this up and hopefully craft some decent items in the meantime.

Of the 2-4 readers I have..............What are your thoughts on this issue?