Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Recent Events.

Nothing truly new in the World of Warcraft. Morpheuz happen to pick up his last key frag to get keyed for Kara. I'm still disappointed in the fact I am unable to get started on the Netherwing Faction Quest as my riding skill is at 225 and I think the requirement is 300. I picked up a pretty decent helm from Shattered Hall that looks like the one from the old Wrath set. Other than that, I got his fishing up to level 210 while I was waiting to see if I would get a group together for Old Hillsbrad. It didn't happen that particular day.

Niobey got an opportunity to leave Ironforge and venture to a couple of different places. I will probable cross a couple of days but oh well. I decided to make it east on her and group with a few that wanted to do the SM library. It turns out that someone logged and we ended up doing this with 4 men. This instance wasn't two bad as I have quite a bit of rested xp. When we got to the final boss. We were able to dps this guy down from the door and allow the tank and pet to womp on him from melee range. This was cool. I don't think we had a dedicated healer and I used vamparic embrace the majority of the run. I took a closer look at this tree to see that I can put additional points into improved Vampiric embrace for an additional 5% healing per point. This talent is extremely useful for grouping but I'm Not sure if I was to put additional point into that talent at the moment.

I also took notice that while solong I can no longer do my usual set of spell before wanding the mob down. I wil probable try to get the hang of this sometime later today. I am starting to get back into this toon. Before logging out yesterday, I noticed I was at Lvl42 and hadn't updated my skills in a while. I hearthed to Ironforge and trained to receive a new shadowword:pain and shield. There were also improvements to other skills I don't use that frequents (shards?). I will venture back to STV to wrap up a few quest and one to ZF to see if anyone would let me group with them and see what a shadow priest can do in a higher level instance.

That's all I know for now until more comes around.

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